Wikileaks on Japan

Nothing is going to happen for a while:

The deputy editor of The Guardian, Ian Katz, summed up that newspaper’s decision thus: “We didn’t see much of international interest in them, which is why we haven’t run anything — or anything much. WikiLeaks is beginning to make regional packages of cables available to media partners in different countries now.”

Rather oddly:

One unsubstantiated rumor circulating among Tokyo journalists is that the organization reached out to Japan’s most popular newspaper, the Yomiuri, perhaps unaware that its strictly hierarchical editorial structure and conservative politics might not make it the best launching pad for an anarchist-inspired project to topple power. Given the Yomiuri’s close ties with the Liberal Democratic Party, journalists there may anyway have been privy to many of the “secrets” buried inside the WikiLeaks cables.

Yomiuri… it’d be amusing to see them attempt report this stuff, no doubt it would have to be almost entirely redacted to not contradict their editorial madness. Asahi, although far from perfect, would probably be a better bet – they at least claim to be in some way ‘progressive’.

My guess is that whoever does take on the task of publishing this stuff (in Japan) is going to be subject to some fairly extreme pressure, both legal and extra-legal. What we really need is for the press outside Japan to take an interest. Given the current lack of interest in all things Japanese around the world, it’s likely to be quite a wait…