In Search of a Pair

It’s that time again. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s worth putting my photography on walls again. For the loooooongest time i’m wanted to do something “spectacular” (read: “stupid”) with the ‘Water under the Bridge” series.

Before leaving Japan i took a bunch of these shots on Acros and developed them with Microfine, the Fujifilm developer for smooth grain… probably now discontinued.

The results never did much for me, had trouble getting clean scans, which were never really big enough to consider printing at the size at which it seems likely that these shots would work.

Today as part of my effort to get back on track i scanned the shot to the right. That one is 12000×32000 pixels, printed at 300dpi it would stand 2.7m tall and 93cm wide…

What i don’t really know is what that’s going to look like on paper… looking at that little version over there (40 times smaller than the full scan!) it sure look sharp / in focus / detailed, but looking at the pixels 1:1 it’s not so obvious.

Despite being shot on a tripod, with a cable release, there is a lot that can go wrong. And despite the XPan lenses, whether i manager to nail the focus, and get the film perfectly parallel to the wall… who knows.

2.7m is a little larger than i’d anticipated. Down sampling it down to a size where it could be just 2m might help a little (in terms of making it practical to hang). Which is all very well, but how do i go about getting someone to do test prints for a couple of places in the image.

Oh, and can i find a few more that are similarly interesting / sharp? Still think it’d look spectacular hung one of those unpainted concrete gallery walls that are all the rage in Tokyo…

If you’ve ever printed on this scale and would care to share any wisdom it would be much appreciated!

Update: first suggestion, from @Tug, is C Type prints at Metro



Have been attempting to upload more material to my portfolio box site. There are a couple of small projects that never really got taken as far as i would of liked, but end up hanging together quite well.

Turnings On‘ is something that i shot on several visits to a friends of Sean‘s, Tanaka-san. It’s laid supposed to be viewed in columns three wide. I’d like to stay in a hotel that had them on the lobby walls…

Water Under The Bridge‘ never really got where i thought it was going, at least at the time. Looking at them now, collected together (there are many many more) they are impressively oppressive. It’s cliched, but one of the great influences on how i see art was a trip to the Seagram Murals at the Tate. The idea of hanging these large enough to make a similar impression really appeals to me.

And that is the sum of what has gone well.

The rest of what i shot over the last few years in Tokyo forms an undifferentiated mess. Absolutely no idea (right now) how to pull it together into meaningful collections. Yes, there are themes, but within the themes stuff is all over the place. Probably time to take a break from it all and have another go in a few weeks.

Oh, and in case it isn’t obvious, my comments about the two piece above amount to nothing more than my assorted dreamings as an amateur artist. For some reason i lack the courage of conviction required to take myself seriously enough to actually go out and push for something to happen.