Isolation, anyone?

Really not sure what is going on in England. Don’t people have anything more pressing to worry about?


A majority want to leave the EU, and then what do they want to do? Solider on in magnificent isolation, getting increasingly sniffy that the rest of Europe doesn’t feel like letting them benefit from the open market without burdening themselves with any of its responsiblities, presumably.

As M. pointed out to me in response to my bemoaning the short-sightedness of little england, it wasn’t long ago that something like 75% also said that they had considered emigrating. Admittedly they’re mostly wanting to go to Australia for the weather. But then a year later… Many no doubt would also say they want to go to get away from the “flood of immigration”.

Famous for our sense of humor…

Lack of Willpower…

Unable to resist posting this.

My evidence for my theory that optimism is the modern disease:

One of Britain’s most closely watched economic indicators has heavily overstated the quantity of high street sales over the past two years, the Office for National Statistics admitted on Friday.

Britain’s supplier of official statistics conceded that since the financial crisis began in August 2007, it has overstated the volume of retail sales growth by 56 per cent.

Well, i suppose there is always the possibility of hiding behind incompetence… and besides, it’s not like anything is based on the income generated from VAT, or measures of disposable income.