Turnings On (and On)

If you’ve been around for a while this will probably look familiar…

Turnings On.

This time instead of sticking a hasselblad in a oil drum of lathe turnings somewhere south of Takatsu, this is an iPhone stuck in a plant pot of christmas decorations in Eppendorf. Oh so modern! Oh so new!

The view changes. My eyes however are very much the same.

Oddly the desires for the original images are unchanged:

A set of images intended for hotel lobby walls. Preferably with a vague tang of oil based lubricant misted into the air.

Jon Ellis, Turnings On.

The only update that i’d make is to suggest that said hotel be a boutique affair somewhere in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Yep, that should bring the offers flooding in!


Have been attempting to upload more material to my portfolio box site. There are a couple of small projects that never really got taken as far as i would of liked, but end up hanging together quite well.

Turnings On‘ is something that i shot on several visits to a friends of Sean‘s, Tanaka-san. It’s laid supposed to be viewed in columns three wide. I’d like to stay in a hotel that had them on the lobby walls…

Water Under The Bridge‘ never really got where i thought it was going, at least at the time. Looking at them now, collected together (there are many many more) they are impressively oppressive. It’s cliched, but one of the great influences on how i see art was a trip to the Seagram Murals at the Tate. The idea of hanging these large enough to make a similar impression really appeals to me.

And that is the sum of what has gone well.

The rest of what i shot over the last few years in Tokyo forms an undifferentiated mess. Absolutely no idea (right now) how to pull it together into meaningful collections. Yes, there are themes, but within the themes stuff is all over the place. Probably time to take a break from it all and have another go in a few weeks.

Oh, and in case it isn’t obvious, my comments about the two piece above amount to nothing more than my assorted dreamings as an amateur artist. For some reason i lack the courage of conviction required to take myself seriously enough to actually go out and push for something to happen.