A Triumph 1800

Another mystery solved – a sleep deprived venerable gude has come through and identified the “Wolseley” as being a Triumph Renown. Most specifically, judging by the round edges on bonnet, it’s probably a Triumph 1800 Town & Country Saloon 1946 – 49.

There aren’t really any generally interesting pictures left. It’s mostly people that i can’t identify, and a few more family portrait things.

From what i know, this should be somewhere in North Yorkshire, probably Richmond. Unfortunately it doesn’t seems to include any of the elements of skyline…

Edit: that’s Richmond Grammar school. The buildings currently look like this:

Richmond .

a little less shabby looking than england in the late 1940s / early 1950s.

The only reference i have to this school is a story my father told of growing a silver acetylide crystal (shock sensitive high explosive…) with a friend. They detonated it in a dustbin at the bottom of a stairwell, and the friend lost a finger in the process. Maybe they grew the crystal in a dustbin and detonated in the stairwell… to be honest that wasn’t the detail of the incident that stuck with me!