Tri-X in Rodinal

The death of Presto has moved my good friend, and mentor, Thomas, onto Tri-X. I was earnestly trying to convince him that if he wanted interesting grain, he should have a go at developing it in Rodinal. It’s something of a struggle to explain the differences, and no doubt, almost entirely subjective.

The easiest thing is an example, so here is an extreme case:

(click to see it a little larger)

Tri-X in Rodinal @ 20ºC for 13mins. Gentle agitation for the first 30s, and for 5s every minute. Taken using a 6×9 back on a 4×5 Pacemaker Speed Graphic, and an 8″ Dallmeyer-Pentac f/2.9 lens.

Pushing Up

Didn’t develop any film this weekend. Seem to have been too busy to shoot much over the last couple of weeks. Which is somewhat of a problem as i’m signed up to produce things for two projects…

There are several themes that i’d like to develop, some are new things, some are refinements of things i’ve tried before, one is something that i just need to keep plugging away at until the right things happen.

I’m fascinated with the use of time and movement in photography right now. The idea that time and movement combined distort form, make monsters against the backdrop of a stationary scene. Visions of dark forms flowing out of subway entrances… need to work out how to execute this as a shot.

Could be suggested that i’m reading too much Lovecraft…