Fragments of Tokyo Exhibition III

It that time again! Next week the third Fragments of Tokyo exhibition will be hanging at the Place M Gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo. We had planned for this year to be five members, Toshiya Watanabe, Thomas Orand, Diarou Koga, Sean Wood, and myself, but somewhere along the way Koga-san gained a son (congratulations!) and we lost a contributor. The end result is that we’re still doing a four man show and hopefully we have enough photography to make it worth making the trip to the gallery.

My contribution this year is a little reduced, just six prints. But, they are, in my opinion, six very nicely printed pieces. As i’m a beginner in the darkroom, and really didn’t have time to focus on improving (it has been a busy year…), they’ve been done professionally by Larry at Lazurus Fine Print.

And, i just got back from Japan two weeks ago. Which means that sadly i won’t be there for the show. It feels a little odd to be doing this and not turning up, but it’s just the way that things worked out this year.

Anyway, please visit the show if you can. There will be an event next Saturday (pretty sure) where everyone else will be there. Maybe even Koga-san!

x by y

Uchujin’s post reminded me of the above picture (where someone kindly explained to me that the faery lights were caused by light bouncing off the film / sensor, and being reflected back (again) by a filter), which in turn made me want to reprocess the shot. Not sure what kind of ‘look’ i was going for in the original, but it feels very heavyhanded now.

In turn this reminded me of a long discussion on Sunday evening regarding this shot of Sean’s. There is very little similar between the shots, Sean’s has his trademark cinematic look, whereas this seems rather closed / foreshortened. No colour washes, or sense of mystery here either… but hey, i’ve stolen the crop!