Goodbye Lightroom

The following images were processed in ON1.

_MG_1322 copy2.jpg

_MG_1322 copy3.jpg

They are from the same 5Dmk2 / CR2 RAW image as the previous post…

Looks like there isn’t much need to pay Adobe the ransom to carry on using Lightroom… we’ll see if my fingers can make the jump to new keyboard short-cuts.



How exciting! Simon Schuster India are publicising the IWTFY 2007 – 2017 book:

With a bit of luck that means they’ll put a couple of copies in every bookshop in India that stocks foreign books.

The little fade in of the cover is cool. Wonder if there is anything behind that… i’ve also thought that picture was rather ‘sensual’, maybe it’s a little racy for the indian market?