Attack of the Jumbo Flying Squid!

This is a great read, really entertaining:

Humboldts—mostly five-footers—swarmed around him. As Cassell tells it, one attacked his camera, which smashed into his face, while another wrapped itself around his head and yanked hard on his right arm, dislocating his shoulder. A third bit into his chest, and as he tried to protect himself he was gang-dragged so quickly from 30 to 70 feet that he didn’t have time to equalize properly, and his right eardrum ruptured. “I was in the water five minutes and I already had my first injury,” Cassell recalls, shaking his head. “It was like being in a barroom brawl.” Somehow he managed to push the squid-pile off and make his way to the surface, battered and exhilarated. “I was in love with the animal,” he says.

It’s hard out here for a shrimp

But check out the photography…

looks like someone shooting underwater with film. Crazy. The photographer, Paolo Marchesi, has some really cool work. The fishermen projects are really good. (stupid flash site, so no link…)