It’s sometimes difficult to work out when to stop doing something. This “phase” of my photograph / snap goes back a ways, there are definitely examples before this one in 2010.

Often wish i’d been more focused. Yesterday we watched Smoke, which, amoungst other themes, is about an accidental photographer who ends up taking the same picture every day for 4000 days. Photography projects need something like that, an absurd dedication to something that makes little impact in isolation but has the power to overwhelm and become “art”.

My personal photographic journey has been far more scattered. Numerous themes, endless false starts, deadends, distractions. Don’t think i ever had the self-belief / courage to actually become a photographer.

Regrets? Far more than a few!

Up Around The Bend

Wanted to write about what Hamburg has done to my photography. To see if it was possible to define my “Hamburg School”, a parallel with the “Düsseldorf School“? A few hours later it would appear that i’m unequal to the task…

The basis of my Hamburg is interplay of water and light. Which sounds pretentious enough to form the basis of a school of photography. It also has the benefit of aligning well with what seems to draw my eye in recent years.

In the end there just isn’t enough to go any further. The idea remains out of reach, up around the bend.