All on the Line

代々木 IR

A slightly off kilter Infrared 代々木 (Yoyogi) crossing shot from 2009. Rails on the busy lines (this is yamanote or saikyo-sen… maybe) are a lot more curved than you might imagine. If i can find this negative it’s one of the ones that would be nice to hang in the house. Düster!

Starting to think that 2009 was a very creative year. Quite where the time came from to shoot and develop all this film remains a mystery.

Infrared Macros

Much harder than it needs to be… which isn’t really a surprise.

It would really help if the sun would stop hiding behind the clouds!

This is digital (taken with the venerable 10D and 17-40mm f4L) which at least means i don’t have to wait for a week to find out that only one shot in fifty is worth even attempting to process.

The leaf above is a 菩提樹 which is the type of tree that Buddha sat under… it’s actually much prettier in normal light, green leaves with pink veins.