The Boot on the Other Foot

This has just about made my week:

Japan’s finance minister yesterday highlighted growing desperation in the ruling Liberal Democratic party by claiming a looming landslide victory for the opposition Democratic party of Japan in Sunday’s general election could lead to “one-party dictatorship”.

Japan faces one-party rule, says frantic LDP –

Which you have to admit takes some balls, given that the person saying it belongs to a party that has ruled in Japan for almost all of that last fifty years.

It’s looking increasingly likely that 民主党(DPJ) will win 300 seats (out of 480), and maybe even get close to a super-majority. While it’s easy to fret that they’ll waste their opportunity, i’d like to be allowed to savour the idea of 自民党 (LDP) getting a good whipping.

Giddy as a schoolboy, i’ve even persuaded my wife to vote. We read through the electoral papers yesterday. The DPJ candidate lists all the things that you’d expect: age, education, work experience / qualifications. Where as the LDP candiate lists: height, weight, body type, hobbies, and his love of meat. It reads more like a profile at a dating agency than an attempt to get elected.