Gridlock (attempt II)

Yep, knew this one wasn’t going to be the one… by the time i got on the train i’d sobered up enough to know that i hadn’t bother to focus. Actually, i’m not sure that anything was right…

Next time.



every penny!

Labour of Love

This shot has been something of a challenge. It has taken several attempts to get this far, and although it has something of an enigmatic quality to it, it isn’t yet the shot that i want it to be.

The statue is no more than 10cm tall and is recessed in an alcove (god in an alcove!) at the base of another statue. What i really need is a longer lens, so that i can get the shot using extension tubes, but still get enough light to shoot it at f/22 / or, even better, f/32… off a tripod. All very tricky… but eventually worth it i hope. A real natural light challenge.

Getting Wide

Haven’t made much of an effort to think about composition ideas yet, these are just to check out the camera and start to get a feel for it – basically shooting as i normally would, ignoring the meter and hoping for the best!

Developing a roll of 36 exposures of 35mm turned our to be much harder than i was expecting. On a roll of 20 shots i lost 7 to the rage.

FP-100C Negatives

It turns out that you can actually pull the colours out of a Fujifilm FP-100C negative:

This had been left around on the window sill over night, and dried a little unevenly. All it took in Gimp was inverting the colours, and a tweak of the levels, pull the centre slider into the middle of largest peak. White balance, contrast adjustment, and sharpening were done in Lightroom.

Still need to solve the issue of keeping them in one piece whilst outside… a little lunch box filled with tea (honestly, that’s what someone uses!) seems a little unwieldy…