As previously noted, i’ve made the move over to Ilford. And have ended up liking a combination of HP5+ and Delta Pro in various situations. Up until i’ve mostly been working blind. That is, developing the negatives, but not having any way to scan them. And, while it’s nice to have the occasional wetprint made, it’s not really a great solution for getting stuff out there on the net. (Pipe down at the back there Storey!)

Anyway, now i have a scanner i’ve been looking at some of the negatives.

Here’s a little chunk of 1-to-1 grain from the middle (Delta 400 Pro pushed to 1600 using Ilfotec DD-X at 20C):

Lovely and soft! I’m really rather happy. The only issue is that Ilford need to work on their quality control / consistency. They aren’t great at getting the film rolled, which seems to result in the film markings turning up really close to the exposed frame.

Pain in Soft Focus

Lunch today found me chopping up one of my limited supply of sun-dried habaneros. I know that they are sun-dried because it was me that left them in the sun to dry.

Wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The plant that grew on was sold to us by local farmers as an Okinawa Chilli… but it’s obviously habanero, and not 島唐辛子 (never noticed that kanji before… how strange). It’s also the first time that i’ve used dried habaneros…

The sensible thing to do was obviously to chop one up into relatively small chunks, stir fry with plenty of garlic, ginger, tasai, tofu, and black beans, then eat it and see if it killed me.

Guess what? It didn’t! In fact it was remarkably good. Drying did seem to have turned the heat down a little, but i’d say it had also concentrated the flavour, making it more earthy and rich.

Needless to say this was celebrated by taking a picture of the remaining chillies. First with the 10D and then a polaroid (above). No need to post the digital one: it’s mundanely in focus.