English Politics is Boring

Feel that i’ve probably written some version of this list / plan before, but couldn’t find it. The idea is that you want to shake things up and break the class system of the United Kingdom:

  • abolish the monarchy (give the queen a nice council flat. tell the others to retrain in “cyber”)
  • replace the house of lords with an elected upper house
  • ban the independent “public” schools
  • codify electoral boundary definition, outside the control of politics
  • replace First Past the Post with a system of Proportional Representation
  • write a constitution with some basic inalienable rights of the people
  • federalize the UK at a regional level (larger grouping than counties)
  • devolve power to the regions
  • fix the media plurality laws, place limits on ownership across media

Then wait a few generations for gold plated luxury space communism to develop!