East of Eden

No idea why, but this was playing in my head this morning. When looking at the lyric sites they all seemed wrong. Something wrong on the Internet? Well, we can’t have that!

i was told of a place in a distant land
where tortured souls often cry together in anguish
and the scenes at the show
run rather cruel and violent nature

scenes of pain and cruelty where there to be seen
the arena, the town, the place was set for all to watch and see

i was told of a place in a distant land
where the oppressor ruled with an iron hand
and a nation of sad and complacency
left cold and emotionless by history

scenes of pain and cruelty are there to be seen
all the while i should have known it was you killing me

somewhere east of eden the designs will never change
effected through all this fear the world stops at the end of the hall
we watch the lifeforce fade away
the eventual price we shall have to pay

if it belonged to youth then how come the children have none?

From my 4AD CAD 404 CD UK 1986 release. Probably purchased later, as i think originally owned this on vinyl.