Japanese Lies

A book review via The Gude. I say ‘book review’ but it is really more of a heartfelt diatribe:

And yes, I did see the islands of Matsushima the second time around. The skies were clear. I listened to the guide explaining the splendid sights. The tourists around me didn’t seem to be paying much attention to what she said. Well, well, I thought, Japan has changed. Then I realized they were all Chinese.

Having read it i have no idea if the books being reviewed are any good, and will have to resort to buying them to find out. That said, i have a great deal of sympathy with the tone of said diatribe, and recommend reading it.

Do let me know if you’ve come across either of the books, and can make a case for them being purchased / avoided. In theory i’ve had my fill of westerners having a japanese navel gaze.