Iain Art

IMG_7755Iain has a new book out today – Every Word You Cannot Say*, and it has his drawings.

He has been doing them for people on Twitter… obviously i had to get in on that action! Love the fact that i’ve got my face stuck in a book.

Also, despite expectations, red is a good colour for me.

Belgium Symbolists

We made our seemingly semi-annual pilgrimage to Bunkamura on Friday to see the Belgium Symbolists exhibition. A museum in Hakone Himeji holds the main collection, and they seem to rotate pieces in from there, and elsewhere.

The last time this was held the selection was really good, a lot of the works by lesser know artists; Jean Delville, Felicien Rops, Fernand Khnopff, etc, and these were their major works. This year presumably because they previously shown all the good stuff, it was a lot of Magritte, and a few minor works by the others. Most disappointing.

It was all almost enough to make me want to plan a mini-tour of Northern Europe…