APT-E In the Wild?

Along with all the b&w negatives, and a few colour slides, there were a few strips of colour negative film. At first i couldn’t work out why they would have been taken. They are mostly out of focus, blurred by camera shake… and lets not talk about the weird colour casts!

Having actually scanned them, it eventually dawned on my that they might have been taken by my Grandfather at the behest of my Father, who was probably on the train that loosely features in the shots.

The other clue is that there is a picture of my Grandfathers Jaguar parked up by the side of the road. If there is one thing that i’ve learned from scanning all these old pictures it is that my Grandfather loved photographing his cars. We’ll come back to that!


More APT-E Photographs

More photographs from my Father’s archives. Earlier that the previous shots, maybe 1968 or so. No idea what i’m looking at… but presumably the shop in which the prototype was built, and maybe the parts he’d worked on?

Odd that there is nobody around.

British Rail APT-E

Hidden in a bag of old family photographs where a couple of 120 film slides. They could do with a clean, and feel rather faded.


My father was a member of the APT-E engineering team in Derby. At least that’s what i remember.


Printed on the slide frame is “British Transport Films” at the top, and “Melbury Terrace, London N.W.1” at the bottom.