More Mark Kennedy

This is getting really out of hand! An English undercover policeman working in Germany, at the behest of the German federal police chief, and targeting, of all things, anti-fascist protestors?!

Germany’s federal police chief, Jörg Ziercke, was forced to admit to MPs at the Bundestag that not only had Kennedy had a long-term lover in Berlin – in direct violation of a law forbidding police officers to have sexual relationships while undercover – but that he had been invited to Germany by the authorities to infiltrate the anti-fascist movement.

Presumably one could be excused for suggesting that European governments are pro-fascist. Some very senior police need to be held to account for these actions. Obviously it’s not good that the police are working undercover, and as agent provocateurs, but the fact that police forces across Europe are organising to disrupt what have to be seen as legitimate protest movements… blood boils.