New Respect?

It was hard not to mock when one of Andreas Gursky’s photographs (Rhein II) sold for millions of dollars last year. Yesterday i stood in front of some of his work, specifically this:

and felt a little humbled. The scale, of course, helps – it was printed almost 3m tall, was absolutely flawless, in terms of grain, composition, exposure, and presumably processing. More than anything there is just so much detail, so much to look at.

Some of his other work is captivating for different reasons, the beautiful geometry, the sense of stillness, isolation, the horrors of man in nature…

All i really wanted to say was that it surprised me how much seeing the actual pieces made to my appreciation of his work.

The rest of the Lost Places exhibition is certainly worth going to see, even if it does leave you with the impression that getting work hung in a museum is much more about being able to deliver the quality that is required, associating images with a concept, then the visual impact. That said, i won’t see hear a bad word said about the work of Bernd and Hilla!