Bronze Skies

I don’t think i’ve ever read Homer’s Iliad, but for some reason the idea of ancient Greece having bronze skies struck me recently:

Men talked like this to strengthen their companions. Then they fought on, the smash of iron rising up through the bronze sky.

– Homer, The Iliad. Book Seventeen, The Fight Over Patroclus

Which prompted this:

Digital infrared, obviously, but the white balance tweaked far enough to get the red mostly out of the way. That turns out not to be as easy as it should be, and requires creating an edited camera profile for Lightroom.

The process is documented in various places, by people who take these things far more seriously than me – even going as far as shooting a Pantone colour swatch in infrared and basing the white balance off that… I’m not sure what realism has to do with infrared photography. Isn’t the whole point that it’s a way of getting an other worldly look?