A Hologram for the King

31phlOtCHKL[Back to reading fiction again. The world must be getting ridiculous, and i’m seeking escape… or it’s the days getting shorter.]

No idea why i picked up this and bought it. The last Eggers book that i read with ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Beauty Genius‘ which, despite the title, didn’t really do much for me. Don’t remember hating but have it filed with other somewhat lightweight, and self-obsessed easy reading of the time… if i knew where my copy was i’d re-read it to find out if that’s accurate.

A Hologram for the King is a fun little parable about the decline of american power, and it increasing impotence in the face of re-aligning world. The allegory gets laid on pretty thick, you’d be hard pressed to missing the underlying meaning of an american being invited to a wolf hunt by a group of saudi arabians, and nearly shooting a shepherd boy trying to save a lamb…

And maybe that’s the problem with the book, it’s not much of a challenge, and comes nowhere near saying anything unsurprising about america’s relationship with the world. It’s even hard to imagine it being considered a challenged to a patriotic american book buying public. The choir has already heard the sermon, and it’s getting kind of stale.