Mystery Plane

Is that KAI36? Maybe KA136? Regardless can’t find any information on what this might have been… perhaps it’s one of the famous ones? A Spitfire or Hurricane? It doesn’t look particularly large so maybe.

I like to think that my father drove his parents mad for a few months by refusing to wear any clothes other than these white shorts and a pair of sandals. “The boy is going native! What are we to do?!”

4 thoughts on “Mystery Plane

  1. It’s KA136. (RAF serial numbers during this period were two letters followed by three digits.) The aircraft is a de Havilland Mosquito FB26. I can’t find a date of manufacture, but it was made in Canada and ended its service in 1946 in Quebec. You can see a nice photo of a restored example here:

    KA136 FB26 1FU/249 Accident Mont Joli Quebec .45 SOC 26.9.46

    The location of the photo is unclear.

    • ha, thanks geoff! that’s really cool.

      my father looks to be quite young in the picture, so the dates for Iraq probably line up quite well.

      not sure what to make of the “Accident Mont Joli Quebec” part…

      • Oops, should have explained. That one-line is the operational history of the aircraft KA136. Served with 1FU, then to 246 Squadron, then returned to Canada, “Struck off charge” (SOC) after an accident at Mont Joli airbase in Quebec on September 26, 1946. Not clear what the “.45” means.

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