Bicycle Boy

After looking at the Pets and Animals post, it occurred to me that my father had probably told me something about that particular time.

While working in the garden my father had scratched his arm, perhaps removing brambles, and i’d asked him some scars running across his upper arms. He told me that as a a kid he’d ridden into a wire that had been strung across a road. If you look back at those donkey pictures you’ll see the, presumably resultant, bandages.

Memory is a very strange thing. The set of recollection i have from that time is really limited: water the garden with the bath water during a summer drought (1976?); trying to dig up the body of the family cat which my father had run over in the drive and buried in the garden; finishing a box of tissues blowing my nose when it wouldn’t stop running; being chased by a horse in a field at the end of the garden; and now this tale of wire across the road.

The Reluctant Soldier

Don’t know anything about guns, and will therefore assume that this is an Enfield Rifle. How could i possibly be wrong!

The above is probably my favourite photograph from this time – even though it’s poorly executed, the expression is really good. With slightly better framing it could have been wonderful.

A Triumph 1800

Another mystery solved – a sleep deprived venerable gude has come through and identified the “Wolseley” as being a Triumph Renown. Most specifically, judging by the round edges on bonnet, it’s probably a Triumph 1800 Town & Country Saloon 1946 – 49.

There aren’t really any generally interesting pictures left. It’s mostly people that i can’t identify, and a few more family portrait things.

From what i know, this should be somewhere in North Yorkshire, probably Richmond. Unfortunately it doesn’t seems to include any of the elements of skyline…

Edit: that’s Richmond Grammar school. The buildings currently look like this:

Richmond .

a little less shabby looking than england in the late 1940s / early 1950s.

The only reference i have to this school is a story my father told of growing a silver acetylide crystal (shock sensitive high explosive…) with a friend. They detonated it in a dustbin at the bottom of a stairwell, and the friend lost a finger in the process. Maybe they grew the crystal in a dustbin and detonated in the stairwell… to be honest that wasn’t the detail of the incident that stuck with me!

A (Chaotic) Reffective Update

Things got a little chaotic for a while. Now that the number of active and (until recently) new infections is much lower, any outbreaks (like the recent Tönnies case in Gütersloh) have a dramatic effect on R.

[There was a paper showing how the sensitivity of R increased as it was lower, how small changes had large impacts… but now i cant find it. Will update if i come across it again!]

Makes sense, and didn’t seem to bother anyone. The overall trend in Germany is still positive. Locally there are some issues (Neuköln, Berlin, etc) but it looks mostly under control.

Here in Hamburg, over the last month or so, the average is 20 – 30 cases every 7 days. Not great. Not terrible.

Mystery Plane

Is that KAI36? Maybe KA136? Regardless can’t find any information on what this might have been… perhaps it’s one of the famous ones? A Spitfire or Hurricane? It doesn’t look particularly large so maybe.

I like to think that my father drove his parents mad for a few months by refusing to wear any clothes other than these white shorts and a pair of sandals. “The boy is going native! What are we to do?!”