That’s just a good photograph! No idea who is doing the ‘Temple of Doom’ walk towards the propellers but it seems a bad way to go..

This one has a call sign, which means there is something to look up… which leads to another similar, but different, shot. My guess is that it was not taken by my grandfather but something he bought. However, the information on that site says that this was taken in Hatfield, England. Really? The background doesn’t look particularly England, and the shadow seems very strong… most odd.

3 thoughts on “Planes

  1. The aircraft in the lower picture, the de Havilland Dove, was manufactured in Hatfield (about 30 miles NW of London). The first is a DC-3, so it could have been photographed anywhere….

    • ah, that make more sense. thanks. wasn’t obvious to me that was referring to where it was manufactured.

      the DC-3 picture, like all of these, is from a family album. assuming it’s chronologically consistent (big assumption!) my *guess* is that it’s in iraq, and probably at RAF Habbaniya near Baghdad.

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