To Grate Cheese

IMG_5018This is “Masspot”, a Mac Pro 1,1, upgraded to 12GB of RAM, and replaced disks. It is currently running OS X 10.7.5.

My best guess is that it is over 10 years – probably purchased in 2008 as my main work machine. It survived being shipped via UPS from Japan to Germany. Upon arrival in Hamburg i saw it thrown out of the back of a delivery truck, and very nearly roll into a drainage ditch… it didn’t seem to care. Still runs just fine.

Not sure if it can still grate cheese.

The majority of my image library (Lightroom catalogs) still lives on this machine, backed up to multiple locations, and in the process of transitioning to a RAID6 array Synology NAS.

While i’ve no idea how much it cost at the time, it has undoubtedly paid for itself hundreds (or thousands?!) of times over. My plan is to replace it with… well, that’s the question.

The original Cinema display is now tinged a distinct pink around the edges, and not usable for any image processing. That’s not a huge problem for minor tasks (vnc is good enough with everything cabled) but long-term it’s not viable. The only other monitor, an LG Ultrafine 5K, is now dedicated to my work environment. Not that there is any feasible way to connect it to the current graphics card of the Mac Pro!

Not being a video person all new Apple machines feel like overkill to me. Especially if it’s just image processing. But given the likely lifespan of any new machine that i’m going to buy, maybe it won’t feel that way by the end of it’s life?

In short, i’m thinking about buying a low-end / base model Mac Pro cheese grater. Or an iMac Pro. The latter scares me a little as it’s obviously a non-upgradable route, where the whole thing becomes useless if a component fails. And, i dont really want any more screens in my office.

Ideally, there is a Thunderbolt 3 KVM setup to let me switch between two machine and a single screen. That has to exist… right?

Oh, with a new graphics card and hacked EFi the original Mac Pro can be upgraded to a far more recent macOS release, which would make me less scared about having it on my network!

2 thoughts on “To Grate Cheese

  1. Ah, my old work MacPro. At home at had a PowerMac but then went to MacMini (intel) because I just didn’t need the horse power and then iMac 21 (which I used for 8 years) and now iMac 27 which you can still self upgrade memory wise. And I hope this one will hold also for 8 years.

    And my external data is also on a RAID6 Synology NAS.

    If you are going long term I would go MacPro because you can upgrade and change and add everything. Memory, SSDs or other HDs, graphic cards, etc. It is a much safer investment than the iMac Pro because you can’t change anything on it. Not even memory (needs the whole thing taken apart).

    So if I were in your shoes I would choose MacPro

  2. yeah, feel like that’s the right answer too… not sure about the KVM side of it, but perhaps that’s not important and it can just get plugged into a monitor as needed.
    ah, yes. buying a mini every few years might also work.. hmm. thought something tells me that the line wont be frequently refreshed and it’ll end up being another dead-end.

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