A Sequence of (Unlikely) Events

This is not written in the expectation that it is at all likely, but as an exercise in understanding what might be possible with adults in the room who were able to put their factionalism aside. Which is to say that it’s not going to happen!

  • Vote of no confidence is tabled by the leader of the opposition (Corbyn)
  • a caretaker government is installed, lead by whomever can command a majority of parliament for the proposed actions (apparently not Corbyn)
  • an extension is requested with the explicit goal of taking the proposed actions
  • representations are made to the EU for a withdrawal agreement in alignment with the restrictions of the Good Friday Agreement (this likely means remaining in the Customs Union and Single Market, but leaving the political union. Something akin to Norway / Switzerland)
  • a referendum is scheduled with the option to accept the negotiated Withdrawal Agreement or continue the current arrangements (EU membership, A50 revoked)
  • the caretaker government implements the legislation required based on the outcome of the referendum
  • a general election is called
  • the caretaker government steps aside

Despite the obvious issues of using referenda (see 2016!) to solve political issues, given that the current state of affairs it might be the only way to get the toothpaste back in the tube. This is at least more inline with the principle of only going direct to the people for confirmatory votes, ie. where the options are clear and the outcome obvious in all eventualities.

Of course, it might also be too late for all that – a general election could return a Tory + Brexit Party majority, but at least the above sequencing has some possibility of actually delivering closure.

[Note: there will be no more discussion of these issues here. Let the pieces fall where they… May! Sorry that was awful.]

Hard To Fathom

Imagine living through the last couple of years of chaos, venality, etc. and thinking, “You know what we need? Another Tory government!”

Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 09.40.45.png

It’s hard to Fathom. Perhaps there really is a sizeable proportion† of the population that believe that they’ll be the ones that benefit from such a choice… it reminds me of Jiminto / LDP voters in Japan, but in a more unequal society.

These large scale trials testing the limits of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ are unethical and must be stopped!

† – polling data doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to. Whether this is an accurate snapshot of voter intentions is far more open to question than it would have been ~5 years ago. Don’t think anyone really understands why, or how it can be fixed.