Vote Of No Confidence?

It seems Johnson & Dom have blustered enough to get people to think about a pushing a vote of no confidence. Anyone seeing Johnson’s “performance” in parliament this week would understand the rational – he sounded dangerous and deranged. However, i’m not sure it is ever a great idea to give the Torys what they want…

Given that they don’t currently have a majority in the house, the only route back to power is through a general election. And, the chance of winning a majority in said election after making a trip to Brussels, with a consequently engaged / enraged Brexit Party, looks much worse.

Recent polls say that no party is close to having a working majority, but if there is one path that could see the Torys returned to power, it mostly likely the one down which the opposition is being led.

  • radicalize the country around Brexit
  • adopt a posture of being willing to break the law before showing any flexibility
  • get removed from power via a vote of no confidence
  • have the opposition make representation in Brussels
  • run an election campaign as a “martyr” for the brexit cause, promising to be the one who will deliver the un-deliverable

This avoids having to actually break the law, and all that business with contempt of court / jail time, and maximizes the likelihood of being returned to power with a majority by not getting outflanked on the (far far) right by Farage. If it doesn’t work out, maybe it’lll be close enough and the DUP will be up for another sack of cash?

Crazy as it may seem, it might be better to leave Johnson & Dom hanging. Er, metaphorically speaking… honest!

The short-term thrill of removing them from power, and avoiding the cliff edge at the end of October needs to be weighed against risk of playing into their hands. It requires the collective holding of a lot of nerve, and belief that the constitutional / legal structures of the UK are up to the task of enforcing the rule of law… The temptation to call the vote must be huge!


Wise words...

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