Twitter over RSS

What happened was that in a fit of optimism (quite out of character) i deleted my Twitter account and moved to Mastodon. That ended well – all alone on Mastodon. People i still care about post on Twitter, but i can’t bring myself to sign up again. Too stubborn for that…

Meanwhile, NetNewsWire is back, and i’m using RSS as a way to keep up with a few things. Wouldn’t it be great if there were RSS feeds for Twitter?! Yes, but they stopped supporting that years ago.

There is, however,, a project that scrapes Twitter, and returns RSS. Which is great except for a couple of things, 1) Twitter also loves to change their markup, 2) Twitter loves to rate-limit.

While there isn’t much that to be done about the first issue except update the code, the second issue has pushed me to running the service… wait for it… in Docker container… yep, you guessed it… on my laptop. Oh my.

This isn’t very difficult:

  • install the Docker Desktop package (obviously without creating an account, etc)
  • clone the repo from github
  • follow the instructions in the (noting that –port can be replaced with -p)
  • re-add all your feeds in NetNewsWire using the instance of TwitRSS running locally (http://localhost:3000 unless you changed the port)

Time will tell how stable this, but as of now it keeps me in touch with peeps, while keeping Twitter at arms length.