Group Chats

This caught my eye:

In some ways, group chat feels like a return to the halcyon era of AOL Instant Messenger, once the most widespread method of messing around with your friends on the internet.

Group Chats are Making the Internet Fun Again

It’s probably not a good look to admit that you’ve been experimenting on your friends, but for the last couple of years i’ve been badgering people into using Signal, and creating group chats for circles of friends / acquaintances. Periodically i’ll create a temporary group to help plan a specific event or to aide collaboration on a task.

In the time that i’ve been doing this nobody in my circle has ever invited me to join a group they have created. It’s possible that they all hate me, or at the very least resent me setting the venue. More likely (i hope) it is still simpler to do everything publicly on a platform like Twitter / Facebook / Instagram.

I found that there were things that it would be better to communicate to a specific subset of my “followers” (such a creepy term!) on Twitter, but most seem quite comfortable with the broadcast model. Now i’m a little more isolated online, but less overwhelmed by interruptions.

Oh, and sorry about the experiments. Friends don’t experiment on friends… or do they?