Photo Archiving?

I have a problem… yes, yes, i know. This is different.

One of my photography projects (lets call it IWTFY) is quite popular. This means that periodically there are requests for sets of images. When this happens i end up trolling through Lightroom libraries on several machines looking for images, exporting them at an appropriate size / dpi, gathering them into one place, packaging them for distribution, uploading them to be downloaded. Bleugh!

What i need is a place that i can:

  • archive / upload a full-sized processed image
  • tag / label all images
  • search / select subsets
  • define an export size
  • have everything processed into a download bundle

Does such a thing exist? Is it worth paying for? Should i just get my shit together and import everything into a new Lightroom library on one machine?



6 thoughts on “Photo Archiving?

  1. If you ever find something, tell me.

    What I am currently doing is consolidating ALL my images into one LR catalog with a single proper keyword layout and proper tagging and proper folder order. (my mistake was using iPhoto for way way way too long).

    But online? I haven’t seen anything where that would be feasible.

    • Was afraid of that… in fact, that’s one of my other issues – different directory structures from using different import strategies (digital vs film scans) over multiple versions of Lightroom. It’s shitshow in there…

      My vague hope was that someone would recommend something like PhotoShelter ( and tell me that it does everything that i need… doesn’t seem likely.

      • And different file names through history. But I got finally rid of that. The big file renaming of 2015. They are all now in one nice pattern. Folders too, got that fixed. Just takes really really long.

        Now I am in the stage of “why the hell did I add watermarks on all my images”. So I have to get rid of that too.

        The thing why I never went to some online storage is a) the volume of data I have b) it would again be just half arsed by only upping JPEGs and having the original RAW/TIFF local anyway. So yeah, …

        Oh and LR getting slower and shittier by each tiny iteration is not helping either.

          • After I wasted so much time finding pictures (and probably missing other ones) for my Ningenkankei book I just thought, I need to jump into the deep water or it will be just more horrible down the road.

            It is super long term work. Now 1yr+, but I do make progress. Baby steps …

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