Light Boxes

No idea why these advertising light boxes are the way that they are, but they are each end of the S-Bahn platforms at Hamburg Airport. Having walked past them, and occasionally taken the odd digicrap of them, here they are on film. In this case Kodak Portra 800 in the Natura Black.

It turns out that blue lights in a dimly lit underground station are about at close to a torture test as you can get for fast colour negative film. The obviously different light levels really didn’t help with a point and shoot. All of which made them an adventure to process – the white balance still isn’t consistent, but i give up!

Mystery why there are they and never contain any advertising… all other slots are always occupied, with these left open. Maybe they are a token gesture towards making the airport more relaxing / less commercial… or art? Ha!

8 thoughts on “Light Boxes

  1. Isn’t this so people don’t jump off the platforms…the cooling blue represses suicidal tendencies…? They have these in Tokyo now (have a weird shot of Uchujin praying to one)…

    • If they are for the anti-suicide reason as Manny suggests they are far more beautiful than the Tokyo version. And I wasn’t praying I was begging for the strength to ignore them and leap to my death 🙂

      • be strong brother, be strong! almost out of there…

        “digicrap” applies to pictures taken without much care, using whatever i have to in my pocket. the 5d doesn’t take digicraps, but my ten year old nokia phone most certainly does!

    • don’t think they have an issue with jumpers at hamburg airport… maybe that’s due to these, but to be honest, you’d have a hard time ending it in front of half of them as they’re at the end of the tracks! they’re also more cyan than ‘suicide blue’.

      think i remember you taking that shot of uchujin on the yamanote line platform in shinjuku, post g&t session, and with Jim’s beaten up bronica.

  2. digicraps! dude, i own that word. you’re welcome to use it though.
    and, er, quality, with the scottish accent that goes with it.

  3. I had a happy five minutes cycling between each of the images in rapid fire, creating a strangely cold animated aurora.

    But now it’s left me feeling suicidal, so I guess we need to consider another purpose for the original images.

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