20,000 Days on Earth

2DOE_PosterFor the second time in a year we’ve been the cinema! One of our local cinemas shows foreign language films with subtitles – for it’s eternal shame Germany is in love with dubbing… Fortunately this cinema is quite lovely. We’ve only seen films in it’s smallest room, which i’d guess holds less than a hundred, and is a really relaxing space. It’s also nice to leave not feeling like you might have permanently damaged your hearing…

Anyway, Nick Cave. For a long time Nick Cave was a  regular feature of my listening habits. The Birthday Party, Boys Next Door, The Bad Seeds… all of it, right up until… it’s hard to say when exactly, but something changed. The sentimental religiosity? The difficult to watch rockstar midlife-crisis phase? We parted ways. Of course i still listen to the old work, it would be impossible to get Your Funeral, My Trial, From Her To Eternity, Dead Joe, Swampland, Deanna, and so many more out of  memory. Despite one of his early 90s gigs at the Town & Country Club in Kentish Town (playing Birthday Party songs with Rowland) being my favourite gigs of all time, we also stopped going to the gigs.

This film isn’s about any of those things. This is about the recollections of an aging artist and his art. His relationship with his memories, some of the people who shard them. And, a glimpse into the external world that surrounds the internal construction which houses all of that…

Loosely this is a documentary, but it doesn’t feel very honest. That’s probably not a bad thing – it probably only got made as Cave was able to strictly control the image that is projected. No doubt there is a lot of truth in there, but it’s artfully concealed. Very artfully. I’m not really up on cinematic things, but it seemed beautifully filmed to me, with our besuited subject driving and striding through the south coast of england most elegantly.

Despite the music having degraded to a level somewhere around Neil Diamond singing Enka, if you’ve had Nick Cave in your ears for 25 years, you’ll probably enjoy it. Maybe not as much as you’d enjoy a full on nostalgia trip made to the same standards, but one gets the impression that most of those involved don’t recall enough of the details to tell that tale!

As a footnote, i’m jealous of Warren Ellis’s beard. Very jealous.

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