It’s not really my thing voting. As best as i can recall the first (and last…) time i voted was in an EU election. It would have been around the time that i became eligible. Since then, nothing. Which isn’t entirely surprising – a few years latter i fled that sceptic isle and have never returned.

The recent rise is idiots such as UKIP, and subsequent push for an ‘in-out’ referendum on Europe have made me wonder if voting might become necessary. After all, the last thing that i need is to be forced to move back (maybe the Scottish would take me in?)

Well, it turns out that i’m no longer eligible to vote in UK elections. In order to register to vote you must have a lived at a UK address in the last 15 years. Nope, haven’t done that. And therefore no voting. Seems a little odd as a citizen, who would be effected by the outcome of any referendum, not to be able to vote. Still, i’m the last last person who would pretend that democracy is perfect… or that the UK is particularly democratic!

In theory it’ll only be a another five years until i can apply for citizenship here in Germany. In practice, i’m not sure how that will work out. Oh, and i can vote in EU elections as a resident of Germany, but somehow the machinery here seems to have neglected to register me… maybe they know?

4 thoughts on “Voting

    • Hmm. Race to the bottom! Can we find somewhere that brings that down to a year? Australia? Calling Australians…

  1. Okay. Wait … what? I have no idea about such a law in Austria. AFAIK I can still get a vote (letter vote) for any election there. It is kind of strange that you cannot vote for the country where you are citizen in, and you can’t vote in the country you life in, even if you life longer in the country than in the one you are citizen in. I think that whole thing needs to change. Countries, kind of a last century thinking way.

    • I think the french has an elected official that represents the overseas french population. that way there is no need for this idiocy of requiring an address with which to relate the vote.

      needless to say the voting system (first past the post) makes everything more difficult, but the population is apparently too stupid to understand anything better. a recent attempt to adopt some form of proportional representation was easily defeated, with most of the establishment behind stasis. change does not come easy to that septic isle…

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