This really rings true for me:

It is Mr Rottenberg’s view that the current vogue for the “pursuit of happiness” may perversely push certain people towards depression. Happiness, he argues, is the result of achieving a goal, rather than a goal itself. He cites recent evidence suggesting that depression or low mood can be triggered by setting unobtainable goals. Rather than becoming depressed because of underachievement, he suggests that perhaps depression is an overcommitment to goals that cannot be reached.

To the point that i don’t really want to discuss the details.

I’m leery of reading books with titles like “The Depths: The Evolutionary Origins of the Depression Epidemic”, but perhaps Mr. Rottenberg will bring some clarity to episodes that i don’t really feel equipped to comprehend in any detail…


2 thoughts on “Resonation

  1. I too may have to wait until I’m feeling brighter before embarking upon a read, but the thesis, as reported, certainly rings true. Except perhaps the definition of depression as “the impulse to “hunker down and wait, at least for a while””. “Waiting” as an impulsive, rather than a passive, act, does not accord with my own experience of the closed-down period.

    • as another friend observed, “at some point it all gets rather abstract.”

      i can relate to the impulse to wait. i’m forever waiting for the hammer to fall and render other decision unimportant…

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