7 a Day?

For some reason this was interesting:

Five portions of fruit and vegetables a day – a familiar mantra for those concerned about their own and their children’s health – may not, after all, be enough, according to a new report by scientists, who suggest we should instead be aiming for seven a day, and mostly vegetables at that.

— Fruit and vegetable intake: five a day may not be enough, scientists say, Guardian

Made me wonder how many fruits / vegetables i eat a day. The whole “portions” things is obviously the point, so i thought i’d steer well clear of that, and just count how many different fruits / vegetables i eat on a normal day. Doubt i’ll be able to do this for more than a couple of days without getting bored… (you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear!)

1. Breakfast

  • half an apple
  • half a pear
  • banana
  • nuts, ~20g (1 brazil nut, 3 cashews, the rest walnuts / hazelnuts / almonds)

2. Lunch

  • bowl of split pea soup (split peas, onion, shitake mushrooms)
  • large salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cooked green beans, new potatoes (cooked), carrot, avocado, red onion, broccoli (only the stem…), with hemp oil / apple vinegar)
  • two dried figs

Will update with Dinner after that happens… and here is dinner

3. Dinner

  • yasai itame (japanese stirfry) (cabbage, leek, carrot, onion, garlic, thai chili, smoked tofu, red onion, shitake mushrooms, nori (seaweed))
  • pickled turnip (julienned white turnip, plum vinegar)
  • Augusteiner Braeu München Edelstoff (carbs from beer!)
  • grapefruit

Should note that i’m currently on  my spring “reset” and therefore eating more vegetables and less carbs / fats than is perhaps usual. Breakfast is usually a bowl of some oat based cereal with soya milk, a banana, and nuts. Lunch would sometimes involve noodles or bread, but the above is actually pretty representative…

Edit: a rough count is ~25 different fruits / vegetable varieties in a day. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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