4AD Emergency

One of the newer(?) 4AD artists, Sohn, was looking for cover art, and put a template for people to use. I’ve literally waited my entire life for this! This is obviously my moment…



I tell myself that Nigel would approve… but in reality he’d probably tell me it was derivative, needed more movement, and some aspect of water or trees. Oh, and a fish. Definitely a fish!


2 thoughts on “4AD Emergency

  1. I had a look through the hashtag and checked out some of the other entries. Most were along the lines of a crappy pic of a sunset with a boring, non-improving Instagram filter slapped on it. Yours are a million times better, but that’s not surprising. The top one is my fave.

    • That would be this lot:


      ? I doubt the 4AD people ever saw mine as my stream is private. Doh!

      It’s amazing how many photographs i’ve taken thinking, “this would make a perfect 4AD album cover!” The only problem is that, as usual, i’m 25 years late and the aesthetic has moved on from ‘contrived whimsy nicely composed to disorientate’. Still have to keep on keeping on. It’s what Nigel would want (i tell myself!)

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