Architectural / Cultural Sensitivity

This is from a trip around Europe that resulted in rolls of film. In fact, so many rolls of film, that i don’t think i’ve ever taken the time to look through all them properly. Certainly not the vertical ones!


Someone will be along shortly to inform us of the precise location…

I find it pretty difficult to reconcile this kind of “aspirational” (puke!) architecture with the reality of London. Maybe it’s my disconnect, and in fact the whole island is drifting slowly toward florida…

6 thoughts on “Architectural / Cultural Sensitivity

    • the street is probably Potters Fields (had to look at a map…) but i think the development is called something like One Tower Bridge. Kev works around there somewhere and will no doubt tell me if i’m talking bollocks.

  1. Bollock-free, dear thing. You’re right on place, wide on name. It’s the More London professional ghetto I am soon to leave, and the view you have is the route from Tooley St through Bean-counter gutter (Aon Hewitt and Ernst & Young on the one side, PwC on the other, separated by an ankle-threatening water feature) to the plaza where the lawyers and the civil servants lurk. One Tower Bridge is a newer development being thrown up underneath Potters Field, and is quite the ugliest, most misplaced and insensitively-sized piece of cynical mixed-use averageness you could imagine.

    • bollock-free… i’m not so sure about this anymore.

      i await news of your impending departure.

    • will sound stupid, but i remember it being sort of wooden!

      this is why i should take more colour pictures…

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