Caffenol Workshop


My mate Tom Lehne is putting together a Caffenol film development workshop. If you’re around Hamburg, Germany, it’d be well worth looking into. He’s working with Larry of Lazarus fame, who, having 40+ years of professional printing experience, is inspiring to watch at work.

You can see the amazing results Tom is getting with instant coffee and a dash of special sauce on his website. This most definitely isn’t a case of “those who can’t, teach!”

[One of the alternatives i’ve been considering as my stock of Presto runs out is finding one of these old emulsions sold under brands like Fomapan or Efke and moving to Caffenol for development. It would be perfect if there was a decent, non-toxic replacement for fixer, but i’ve not seen much mention of that… perhaps it’s not that important, the fix is always going to contain the un-oxidised silver, and that’s never going to be good in the grey water. All that said, the Rodinal habit is hard to kick and i can see myself going Tri-X / Rodinal!]


2 thoughts on “Caffenol Workshop

  1. Holy crap! Had no idea you could get THAT kind of a result from coffee. Damn!
    Rodinal and Tri-X? hmmm. And diafine…? I’m thinking of moving back to that – or doing a bit of Rodinal again. I have rolls of Presto 400 by the way with idea of how to dev them. Maybe you want to use them instead of me.

    • Yep, the results are really impressive. My expectation was that they come out with a discernible image, but distinctly fogged / stained. But, Tom has been working on this approach for a while now, and is getting really clean / clear negatives.

      Heh, Tom ended up working out the Tri-X recipe because i’d not got off my arse and mixed up a new batch of Diafine. I really liked that combination, but i’ve seen scans of Tri-X pushed to 1250 in Caffenol and … it’s pretty sweet!

      Rolls of 120 Presto 400? It soups really nice in Rodinal (11min @ 20ºC).

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