The Dizzying Descent…


[sing along if you know the words...]

One of the themes that runs through a great deal of my Tokyo shots is this ’tilt’. To me it has always about the geometry – if the lines / curves running through a frame are strong the shot works. My theory is that by tilting the world off it’s normal axis these lines / curves stand out more because the viewer is thrown off by the angle, and it requires effort to take in the scene. The first glance might not immediately reveal the reality of the shot, and at that point the geometry is more obvious.

There are a couple of obvious problems: the explanation sounds like a bunch of “art wank”; it’s very easy to overuse or abuse.

Still, i’d always imagined it would be fun to do a gallery show with only these shots and see how many people gave up and just tilted heads to compensate!

[This one doesn’t really work for me – there is too much dead space in the top right of the frame. If the effect in the bottom left was repeated top right… but there was no light.]

2 thoughts on “The Dizzying Descent…

  1. This one still works. Gives me the impression one is flying down a tunnel.
    As for the “art wank” I guess that depends on if you live in a world that needs to describe visuals or not. For me it’s an everyday thing, whether it be graphic design or photography so I guess I see that kind of speak as normal 🙂

    • cheers. yep, i agree it still has something. it just bugs me that so much of the frame is doing nothing.

      hehe. it’s hard to get that perspective when you’re spending your days neck-deep in code. but talking about photographs is definitely a challenge for me!

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