Serendipity: Zuckerbrot & Spiele

We were out in Feldstraße on Friday night for a slap-up falafel dinner at my current favourite turkish imbiss (Emmioglu). On the short walk from the station we’d noticed some full length portraits hanging in the window of the ice cream shop, and remarked that they looked like the work of a photographer in residence at Vorwerkstift (the place where i have access to a darkroom). Didn’t think much more of it until after we’d eaten.

As we walked out we noticed a bearded old man with a barrel organ standing out side a gallery, red carpet on the pavement. Peering through the window at the show, and the obvious vernissage (only recently learned this term!) happening inside, we realised that this was the same work that Maurice Kohl had shown us the summer before – studio portraits of the funfair stall workers at the DOM. The whole project has a website, a set of playing cards (top trumps!), postcards, and a kickstarter sort of thing for funding. Along with everything else, there is a TV piece up on vimeo:

Maurice and Bjoern working the people! Not sure if it’s allowed to use the term carny… it’s probably an americanism i’ve picked up from Nick Cave. Anyway, it was lovely to catch up with Maurice for a while… really should get him out for a beer and some storytelling soon.

There are another couple of days to drop by and see the show, and you should!

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