It Lives!

An update on my dying MacPro: it lives!

Perhaps sensing that i’d spent money on a new machine, the big dumb beast appears to have recovered. This morning it powered up, and was able to log me in on the first attempt. Suspecting that this was probably a ruse, i’ve had a few retries and it does indeed appear to have done a Terminator kind of repair job on itself.

Presumably it’s only a matter of time before it all goes tits up again. Once the new machine is up and running, i’ll strip this one down (i’ve always wondered how easy it would be to breakdown…) clean all the parts, put it back to together, and set it aside as a backup machine.

Oh, the only things that i’ve done are:

  • move the boot volume on to a new drive (the previously described adventures with rsync / bless)
  • run fsck on both the old and new volumes from the single user runlevel
  • run fix permissions on that new volume
  • put up with the initial login failing for a week, and having to send the loginwindow process a hangup signal to get back to the login screen

None of which really gave me the warm fuzzies about having understood and fixed the problem. Maybe a reinstall of the O/S and a reset of the pram (idea shamelessly stolen from Tom) will restore some confidence. Not what i’m planning the weekend doing, so maybe over the new year.

2 thoughts on “It Lives!

    • Little conflicted about it all. My current work setup is this MacPro and a Cinema display from around the same time, or even a little earlier. The display is starting to lose it’s contrast, and blushing pink around the edges. But, it’s a matte display, and i really don’t like the new glossy ones… seeing as this display isn’t going to live forever, i started to wonder if i should replace it with an iMac or a new MacPro (can’t buy the current one here…) and a matte display (i presume someone still makes them!) Also wondered if i could get by with a high-end Mac Mini.

      The new MacPro doesn’t really look like a machine for software developers – it’s overkill for running a compiler, IDE, and an application. Maybe the right thing for video content producers. And, my rules is never to buy the first generation of any Apple product!

      In the short term my laptop needs replacing, so i’ve bought a MacBook Pro, and will work on that for a while until the picture becomes more clear.

      Oh, and moving to Ubuntu is an option, but that means dealing with the world of badly integrated PC hardware, missing drivers, playing sysadmin for my work environment, dealing the updates that fuck everything up and end up requiring re-installs. Somehow i don’t really miss all that enough just yet…

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