More Trust

A couple of quotes from an “isn’t technology great!” c|net piece. Caption below lead photograph:

One of Facebook’s data centers. The social networking company is soon planning to fully support an encryption technology, called forward secrecy, that is believed to defeat even government spy agencies.

emphasis mine. How confident do you feel about that? Especially given, “performance concerns and not valuing forward secrecy enough“, and you can bet that really comes down to cost. If your main source of revenue is selling the data that you collect, you are motivated to collect it as cheaply as possible. Perhaps if you have the free-cycles you can provide some basic privacy protection. Interesting aside on how it’s probably not as easy to get right as flipping the privacy switch.

However, in the body of the article:

Most Internet companies, however, do not use an privacy-protective encryption technique that has existed for over 20 years — it’s called forward secrecy — that cleverly encodes Web browsing and Web e-mail in a way that frustrates fiber taps by national governments.

Not that important if the content can just be rubber-stamp subpoenaed from the host.

It is my contention that ad driven business model will make it close to impossible to move away from relentless collection of data (under the guise of personalizing the internet experience). Facebook, Google, et al. don’t make extra money from you finding what you are looking for more efficiently, that’s solely down to how much information they can extract and derive from your interactions and sell on to their customers.

We’ve built the perfect machine for a corporatocractic surveillance state.

4 thoughts on “More Trust

  1. the quote “It is my contention that ad driven business model will make it close to impossible to move away from relentless collection of data” fits beautifully with the ad below this post 😉

    Trust no one.

    • i remember someone else telling that there are ads on this blog. have only ever seen them in a screen shot! wonder how much it costs to have the account be ad free… should probably do that.

    • it’s probably the right answer, but i don’t really want to spend time messing about with wordpress configurations. there is enough of that sort of thing in my work life already!

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