Lord Dunsany

…or, to give him his full title, Baron Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Dunsany is often cited as one of the influences H. P. Lovecraft. His writing feels different, less supernatural or psychological, mostly with classical western themes, drawn from pagan and classical mythology.

The book of short stories (and some of them are really short!) ‘Fifty One Tales‘ covers themes of love, death, nature, art, etc.


Fame as she walked at evening in a city saw the painted face of Notoriety flaunting beneath a gas-lamp, and many kneeled unto her in the dirt of the road.

“Who are you?” Fame said to her.

“I am Fame,” said Notoriety.

Then Fame stole softly away so that no one knew she had gone.

And Notoriety presently went forth and all her worshippers rose and followed after, and she led them, as was most meet, to her native Pit.

Some work better than others, but they’re all worth the effort. Especially as they’re now in the public domain, and free to download / browse.


When the advertiser saw the cathedral spires over the downs in the distance, he looked at them and wept.

“If only,” he said, “this were an advertisement of Beefo, so nice, so nutritious, try it in your soup, ladies like it.”


Wise words...

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