Darling Mason has posted a mixcloud playlist repesentative of Rective.

Rective, almost in the this form, is really a little bit older than the “late ninties”. However, having sat down to attempt to retell the story i’ve determined that i don’t remember the names of all the people and places involved… Jo? Euston? The Railway… yep, it’s mostly gone.

Also, i’m forever defeated by embedding in WordPress.

9 thoughts on “Rective

  1. ah, yes. it was called ‘the zombie club’ and existed above the railway pub at euston station. we DJ’d noise for the first hour, then other ‘danceable’ stuff afterwards, godflesh, cindytalk… together with the often AWFUL selections of brian and jo. i remember getting very angry that one of them was playing sheep on drugs…

    • don’t remember the sheep on drugs part, but i remember jon davies getting very pissed off at one of them for playing christian death. another cherished memory that i no longer know whether to trust is a bunch of austrian or swiss tourists turning up… and actually being in the right place!

  2. I think there might have been a couple of nights at the Euston place (?) then, a little later, a very odd evening at Gossips, in the appropriately-named Meard Street. It was a dreadful little venue, but I do remember a highlight being a (presumably) drunk middle-aged gentleman’s heroic attempts to dance, and some younger mittel-europeans joining him on the otherwise barren dancefloor.

    • oh, i’d forgotten all about gossips. that must be the one where bob and alex were around… this is fun. mason should make more playlists (and include scent hints to jog my memory!)

  3. yeeeesss – Bob looked dazed, and Alex looked, um, grumpy, as I recall. Pretty sure we had a bemused German present that night too, in the form of Suzie.

    • Bob was drunk. One of my clearest memories of that night is him telling M. and i about getting his back waxed before his wedding, because his shirt stood off his back…

  4. actually i think it was me that got very angry at the christian death… and yes a coach of tourists turned up… and yep, alex was at gossips, as was the bloke from blood axis who spoke enthusiastically to philip about what we were doing and stared daggers at me, i presume because he thought i was jewish… i recall the dancing man looking like he may have been a tramp that wandered in by mistake…

    • blood axis… really? moynihan was there? that’s hilarious. i never knew… not sure what that says about my profile.

      i think dancing man was more like a typical soho journalist type than homeless.

  5. While we’re getting in the spirit…

    M. seems to think that there was a Judy Garland song involved in between sets, or at the end of the night?

    My only recollection is that at the zombie club the sound man wasn’t up for playing swallowing scrap metal or das schaben at proper volumes…

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