Pink Pipe Mystery

A few weeks ago… or was it months… not sure, i noticed the strange pink water pipe flowing into the river. Every time i’d go by on the train i’d tell myself that i’d go back and investigate. The river froze and unfroze, the snow fell and melted… but i never got round to investigating the pipe.

Then last week a contact on Flickr posted that, linked to an explanation in his blog. Which meant the end of procrastination, and a walk in the sleet / snow to ‘follow the pink pipe’.


In the last picture you can see the pipe in the middle of the shot, at the far end of the foundation pit. From there it runs several hundred meters to the river (the Alster, a tributary of the Elbe).

After giving Robert some (good natured) grief about thinking that Berlin was the only place with pink pipe, i noticed that the Hamburg pipe is supplied by the same company – Pollems Gmbh… in Berlin.

The mystery is solved!


Darling Mason has posted a mixcloud playlist repesentative of Rective.

Rective, almost in the this form, is really a little bit older than the “late ninties”. However, having sat down to attempt to retell the story i’ve determined that i don’t remember the names of all the people and places involved… Jo? Euston? The Railway… yep, it’s mostly gone.

Also, i’m forever defeated by embedding in WordPress.