Nightmare Nr. 6549771

With no warning i’m standing in a university exam room. The moderator is describing the exam procedures. The questions are lying on the desk in a black velvet folder, held shut with a silver clip. It occurs to me that i’ve not prepared for this exam and will not be able to answer any of the questions. It’s a pure mathematics exam, and i’m not studying mathematics. The moderator drones on, and a feel of dread builds, the only rule that makes it through to me is that it’s compulsory to stay for the first ten minutes. The exam starts. I open the velvet folder. There are three questions on the paper. None of them mean anything to me beyond a vague recognition of some terms. The ten minutes passes extremely slowly… and at some point i wake up sweating.

Yes, there have been stubborn issues at work recently.

Wise words...

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