The PPC elections look like being one of those rare moments where english humour is used to proper effect. Not only has the turnout been low, but the number of spoiled ballot papers has been something like ten times higher than normal. I’m sure those elected by ~7% of the electorate will command respect. There is a rumour that in North Yorkshire the number of spoiled ballots was larger than the number of votes gained by the winning candidate. Now all they have to do is track down Batman, Judge Dredd, or whoever actually won!

There are a number of reasons why it’s a stupid idea to politicize the police, but the real point is surely that this is a sneering veneer of democracy, that will have very little impact beyond limiting the independence of law enforcement. If there was representative democracy in england, and the views of the people where of importance to those in power, this might be a logical next step, but currently it seems an irrelevance.

Oh, and A.C.A.B. is what i learned today… sheltered upbringing, and all that.

Edit: bah! the site showing all the spoiled ballots has been taken down 😦


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