Google Glasses

This picture left me wondering about a few things.

First, the creepy spaced out look on Brin’s face. Is this the face of the future-nerd, as they wander the world perpetually plugged in and “augmented”? Maybe it’s just his famous charisma and social skills beaming out, and he’s not actually sitting there reading his mail, or looking at pokemon porn…

Second, how is privacy going to work with these things? My assumption is that the camera will eventually stream back to the Googleopticon™ where it will be analyzed for real world clues on what which sponsors / advertisers should be improving your life through consumption, at this very moment, in this very location. But, it will it stop there? Assume that whatever follows the demise of Google+ (G++, perhaps?) wants to help you stalk your posse of online circle dwellers, maybe it’ll be running facial recognition on the stream, and establishing your relative real time positions. Perhaps your life could be improved by some consumption with the people around you? Obviously you won’t need to actually recognize them as that will done for you…

Is that what you want? Maybe you’re not interested in the great and good of Google recognizing your face, assigning it an id, and noting when it comes up again, just because some random super-augmented trans-human wannabe is walking around your neighborhood uploading his consciousness…

My guess is that this stuff will slowly go live, and incrementally the decisions will be made based on what best suits Googles customers. The richer the information, the more complete and complex the derived connections between the fodder, the better.

Very little expectation that thought will be be given to the consequence and implications for the current social space. The technology will roll out, a tiny minority will financially benefit, while the rest reap the whirlwind of unintended consequences.

And, to head this off before it starts: i’m not a luddite, just someone who is pondering the social / legal implications of turning a customer product base into mobile CCTV cameras, owned by a for profit entity.

2 thoughts on “Google Glasses

  1. I like your take on this. I would initially be thinking how I can use this stuff. The point that hammers it home is when you mention the tiny few who will benefit etc.

    Glad we can count on you to describe the other side of the coin and have it indexed and searchable by the evil empire 🙂

    • We seem to be doing stuff ‘because’ not to fulfill some need. One day i might get bored of quoting Victor Lebow… but today is not that day!

      What becomes clear is that from the larger viewpoint of our economy, the total effect of all the advertising and promotion and selling is to create and maintain the multiplicity and intensity of wants that are the spur to the standard of living in the United States.

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